Welcome Friends and Neighbors!
Some new and exciting times ahead.
You've been with me on the radio to Turkey, Israel,
France, England, Switzerland, Estonia, Russia,
Sweden, Denmark
, and over 100 show in Germany!
We will soon be adding Norway to the list, but before
I actually get there...we've started an entire weekly radio program
about travel.  We'll have guests on who have been to distant places
around the world!  And as time goes by, I'll be at those places sharing
what I see and hear and taste, and you'll be right along with me.

Right now our Friends at Brekke Tours have two trips to Norway
that are worthy of your investigation.  These are small group trips
with English speaking guides that accompany you every step of the way!
Atocha  Gold Filled Fisher Space Pen
As an added incentive to these journeys, and just because you share
your mornings with me on the radio, the first 4 couples that sign
up for one of these trips will receive a 14 karat Gold Filled
Atocha Fisher Space Pen
...made with gold that laid at the bottom of the
Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of years.  Gone to the bottom with the sinking
of the Galleon Atocha  in 1622.  These collector pens are not available
anymore, but I have 4 of them to gift to you!  You can make your reservations
through your local travel agent, but they must pass along our information
when making your reservation!  Remember only for the first four Doubles reserved!
Atocha  Gold Filled Fisher Space Pen
HAVE YOUR TRAVEL AGENT CONTACT  Brekke Tours for Brochures and Information


Granduer of Norway Tour  July 6-16 2014
Small Group Tour Travel as part of a small group from Bergen through the heart of Norway’s fjord country to Oslo via two of Norway’s most famous tourist routes, the Golden Route and Atlantic Ocean Road. Enjoy authentic experiences such as dinner at a family farm, that only a small group tour can provide. You will also be given a chance to explore some of the many adventures Norway's fjord country has to offer such as RIB-rafting, flightseeing tours, biking, hiking and more!  Grandeur of Norway Tour Click to Learn More

Grandeur of Norway

Norway's Southern Pleasures Tour   July 12-23

Explore Southern and Southwest Norway, Telemark, Sunnhordland, along with the fabulous fjord country on this 12-day tour. Relax at some of Norway’s most charming hotels and enjoy unique experiences such as dinner in a former cheese dairy as you travel from Oslo to Kristiansand, Stavanger and finally to Bergen.    Visit our website for more INFO!

Norway's Southern Pleasures


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Brekke Tours functions as a tour operator and destination specialist to Scandinavia. We produce our own escorted tour packages, as well as heritage tours to Norway. Our tour packages are sold directly to the general public and also on a wholesale basis through travel agents. Customized itineraries are created for groups based on special requests from families, organizations and travel agents. Customized itineraries are also offered to individual travelers as well as tour packages, cruises, hotels, and car rentals. With extensive experience in group travel, knowledge of the Scandinavian people and contacts within the American ethnic market, Brekke Tours also shares their expertise in creating customized tour packages in the Midwest for Scandinavian and other customized groups.



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